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In September 2019 I am undertaking the challenge of running the Simply Health Great North as part of the charity team for Parkinson’s UK. The Great North run is one of the UK’s largest half marathons stretching a 13.1 miles from Newcastle through to Gateshead before finishing in South Shields.

Parkinson’s is a neurological condition that over time begins to progressively decrease movement and mobility in the body having a profound effect on a person’s quality of life. The disease is one that has taken president on more than one occasion with in my family.

Throughout my childhood I always remember my Grandad Arthur having Parkinson’s disease up until he passed in 2009. I have many happy memories of my Grandad as he was one of the most kindest and loving men who loved nothing more than being surrounded by his family. However throughout this time my Grandad battled with the disease often needing to receive around the clock care in order to help him with his limited mobility, his im-balances and constant uncontrollable shakes.

 As with many diseases like Parkinson’s it can often be found to be hereditary. A couple of years ago my uncle (my Grandad’s eldest son) was also diagnosed with the disease and gradually the symptoms Parkinsons presents began to take an effect on my Uncle the same way it had on my Grandad. Despite the disease being extremely debilitating it never detears my uncle nor did it my Grandad from living their life the best they possibly can with love and positivity.

Parkinson’s UK is a charity dedicated to providing the vital help and support to those people and their families directly affected by the condition. The charity also continually raises money to fund research into finding better and more effective treatment and in becoming even closer to finding a cure for this life changing disease.

The money I raise by running the Great North Run will make a huge impact on someone’s life. So any donations no matter how large or small would mean the world to me and my family. A challenging task half a marathon might be but one I am undertaking in honour two of the most inspiring men who never let having Parkinson’s prevent their happiness and zest for life. This
one is for them.

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